How to Create Professional Product Photography with the Right Lighting and Background Setup

If you’re looking to take your product photography game up a notch, then you’ll need to pay attention to the details. Whether it’s for your e-commerce store, website, or blog, having quality product photos is key to making a good impression and convincing people to buy your products. To get professional-looking images, focus on two elements in particular—lighting and background. Let’s go over what makes them so important.

Product shown: MyStudio MS32 photo studio kit

Lighting Is Everything
The right lighting can make or break a photo. You may have heard of the “golden hour” in photography—the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and provides gorgeous natural lighting. For product photography, however, you don’t have that luxury. Instead, you’ll need artificial lighting that mimics natural light as closely as possible.

Start by positioning your light source directly above your setup at 45 degrees—this will give you even lighting across your image without any harsh shadows or glare from the camera lens. If you’re working with limited studio space, opt for a softbox or umbrella light diffuser that will spread out the light and soften the shadows. You’ll also want to use “white balance” in your camera settings; this helps adjust colors according to different types of lighting so that colors appear true to life in each image.

If your lighting is too dark or too bright, you won’t be able to capture accurate colors or show off your product in its full glory. This is why MyStudio has invested heavily in their product photography lighting kits. Their patented seamless photo backgrounds and lighting systems provide an array of solutions that will allow you to achieve soft, even lighting that will enhance the details of your products and present excellent final results. Not only does this give you more control over your photos, but it also allows you to get consistent results every single time.

Choose Your Background Wisely

When choosing a background for product photography, a seamless white background usually works best because it keeps all the focus on the product itself rather than creating distractions with other colors or patterns. It’s also easy enough to edit out any imperfections (e.g., wrinkles) if necessary later on using Photoshop or another photo editing software program. To minimize imperfections in your photos and ensure a consistent background every time, use a portable photography kit. Having a good background helps draw attention towards your product instead of away from it, which is essential for capturing great images.

Whichever route you choose just be sure that it complements the product itself while still remaining subtle enough not to distract from its features and details!

Product photo taken with the MyStudio US31LED photo studio kit

Product photography is essential if you want your products to stand out from the competition and attract customers online. But without good lighting and backgrounds your photos will lack impact and won’t do justice for your products—which is why utilizing a proper setup like MyStudio is so important! With its top-tier lighting, patented seamless backgrounds and its easy-to-use interface, MyStudio takes all the hassle out of taking perfect product photos every single time! Investing in MyStudio is an investment in your business; so don’t wait any longer—try it today!

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