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Few positive reviews from MYSTUDIO customers on websites like and B&H Photo:

~ I tried and returned several products from other competitors, but none meet my requirements. But after trying the MS20PRO studio, it has surpassed my expectations, all I can say is “I love” the Professional results I am obtaining now. I am taking product pictures for websites in both Amazon and Ebay and in my opinion the pictures I am taking do look professional and I am sure they show off my products. – Alfredo Lopez on

~ I’ve had this for quite a while before I reviewed it because I really wanted to see if it worked and it does. As a jewelry and small sculpture artist I hated the photos of finished products I took almost as much as I hated paying a product photographer to do close up work. Now I take my own photos for catalogs, sales flyers and even gallery postings, they look great and my art has never looked better. Only problem was waiting so long to buy this item it probably paid for itself 2-3 times over in the first month. – S. Wooley on

I struggled for weeks with a different light box and could not get the lighting right even with 5 lights placed at random places. The lighting was uneven, the background fabric tended to wrinkle and collect dust, etc. I love this MS20PRO studio. I am taking product pictures for a website that I will be launching soon and needed the pictures to look professional so I can best show off my products. With the help of a new DSLR camera and this photo studio I am confident that my products will look great. 🙂 mnlily on

~ When trying to solidify a potential client, we were asked to send them examples of product shots that we would be able to obtain for them. This task was a done with ease with the MyStudio MS32 Tabletop. The professional look you get from this kit is amazing, and we definitely have it to thank for being getting curious clients business. Very happy with this purchase, it pays for itself.Josh on 

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