Mobile App

Mobile App

The new MyStudio Photo Assistant mobile app (FREE in the iOS App Store) acts like a virtual assistant as you are taking photos with any of the MyStudio® Table Top Lightbox Kits.

iPhone Users: Simply select which  MyStudio® lightbox you have, and the app will show you the recommended exposure settings based on your equipment, then direct you to the live Camera View screen where you can make further adjustments on the live view screen before taking your photo. This will significantly help cure the “underexposure” problem most smartphone users have when trying to take a photo on an all white background. This issue arises because the Auto Exposure programming on most smartphones, and even most cameras for that matter, instructs the camera to turn white to gray because it “thinks” that pure white areas mean there is too much light and that the image is overexposed. Therefore, it compensates by raising shutter speeds and lowering the overall exposure, resulting in an image that is much too dark, and sometimes even causing gray lines to appear due to the higher shutter speeds conflicting with the frequency of the LED lights.

DSLR Users: If you have a regular DSLR camera, or even a point-and-shoot style camera that allows you to shoot in MANUAL mode, then the MyStudio Photo Assistant app will give you complete exposure recommendations including ISOAperture (F-stop) and Shutter Speed. You can then use sliders on the app to adjust Aperture and/or ISO and the recommended shutter speed will adjust with the changes. The app will basically remove any guesswork and give you an exposure recommendation that is very close to perfect, no matter which MyStudio® lightbox you are using. Of course, you can then fine tune the settings on your camera to best suit the object you are photographing. This functionality is extremely helpful, especially if you are not an experienced photographer or familiar with shooting in Manual Mode. (Don’t worry – more than 95% of people using a photo lightbox are not experienced photographers!)

CLICK HERE or use the QR Code on this page to go to the iOS App Store and download the FREE MyStudio Photo Assistant now!
(for iPhone users only, Android version coming soon!)

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