MyStudio® US31LED Professional Light Box Photo Studio Kit 31 x 19 x 16 inches


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Introducing MyStudio US31LED


The US31LED features several new design ideas that make it one of the most versatile and effective studios that we offer. These unique features include:

  • Patented seamless background: our first u-shaped background measures 31″ wide x 19″ deep x 16″ high and is made from durable, lightweight ABS plastic. The unique shape enables you to shoot from many angles and still achieve a completely seamless result. Moreover, because there are 3 sides, the light is more effectively bounced around your product creating an even and pleasing result.
  • Modular LED lighting: 2 ultra bright 5000K LED22 lights are included which together put out an astounding 2700 lumens. The lights connect either one above the other or side by side via connecting adapters that are included, giving the user the option to create two types of configurations with the light stand, thus allowing even more light and camera position versatility.
  • Removable top: Rather than a fixed top cover, the US31LED features a 2-part foam core top. When removed or just parted slightly in the middle, it allows top-down shooting, and when covered it provides a completely enclosed lightbox with beautifully soft, full spectrum wrap-around lighting.

Because the seamless US31CYC background is made of a single piece of molded, durable, lightweight ABS plastic there is no more worrying about seams or wrinkles that are so problematic with standard cloth and nylon light tents. It can also be easily cleaned if it gets dirty or scuffed, and it will never rip or tear like paper, nylon or cloth.

Another great feature of the LED light bar is that it is CE Certified and is rated for 120V – 277V which means it can be used in Europe and other countries that have 220v/240v electricity without a voltage converter. All that is needed is a plug adapter that will fit the outlets in your country.

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