MyStudio® Positioning Wax for Jewelry and Small Product Photography

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Use this positioning wax with any of the MyStudio complete photo studio kits to position and prop up your jewelry or other small products that don’t stand up well on their own. Each package contains twenty-five 3/8-inch diameter dots  of reusable white positioning wax. To use, simply pinch off a small piece of wax, rub it between your fingers to warm it up, then mold it to any shape and use it to position your product at the best angle for taking photos. Positioning wax is commonly used to prop up small items such as rings, coins, cell phones, small figurines, etc.* The wax may be used over and over; generally one package will last several years.

*Please note, the wax may occasionally leave a minor amount of residue on certain items which in most cases is easily wiped off after use. However, with some vintage coins and jewelry that are very valuable, this may not be desirable and possibly harmful if the surface is extremely sensitive or fragile. Please confirm that the wax residue will not compromise the value or finish of your item before using. 

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