Factors You Should Consider While Buying Light Box Photographic Tool for Jewelry

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Jewelries which are sold online need to get photographed properly because this is the only way those can reach the audience. And everyone knows that lighting plays a crucial role in photography. When it is jewelry that seeks proper lighting for portraying every single detail of the same. Using a large source of light is the best to make the jewelry look perfect in the picture. The light box photography for jewelry is the most needed thing in this case.

 Getting a clear idea about a light box is important for you to know so that you can make a seamless use of it for capturing pictures of jewelry. Light box is basically an equipment that is surrounded by light lamps all over the side walls. The main product that you want to capture for product photography should be put in it so that all sides of the product can be completely visible with light.

 Factors you need to follow about light box

While using light for jewelry photography, you have to understand some factors:

  1. The source prefers lights from three point of lighting for product photography
  2. The light box should be decided based on the size of the subject (not the size of the light source but the box)
  3. Portability of the equipment is important to know. If you are going to mount it in your studio, you shouldn’t get the same type you use for shooting outside the studio. However, Portable light box photography tool is an all-rounder tool for all types of photography.
  4. Consider the power adapter and the material as well to choose the perfect light box for your use.

 Types of Light Box for Jewelry Photography

There are three types of light box photography for jewelry available in the market – low priced, expert level and high-cost. Now, you may ask which one to get for your purpose. Well, it depends on some factors. If you are a professional and do product photography at that level, it is better to get the high-cost one because it encompasses all possible features you may be looking for in the equipment. If you are confident enough to do product photography perfectly you should go for expert level one. It is recommended for the amateurs as well who are learning photography with a light box. It will give you a better idea to make the picture look better.

The experts don’t suggest getting the low priced ones unless you have a strict budget for the light box tool. It will not include most of the features and also, the quality of light that is required for product photography wouldn’t be available with that tool.

Make you call carefully so that you don’t have to regret no matter how small your investment is. All the best.

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