Factors To Consider When Doing Lightbox Photography For Jewelry

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Jewelry sold online needs to get photographed properly because this is the only image the consumer sees. Lighting plays a crucial role in photography! Jewelry needs proper lighting to show every single detail. Using a large source of light is the best way to capture jewelry pictures. The light box photography for jewelry is the most necessary piece of equipment besides your camera!

Understanding the capabilities of your lightbox will be essential for mastering your jewelry photography. The lightbox surrounds your product on all sides with the perfect amount of light using lamps or reflectors on the side walls. Eliminating all the shadows will help to display your jewelry perfectly.

Important things to consider regarding your light box

When lighting for jewelry photography, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Make sure to have light illuminating your product from three different angles: the front, and both sides. The front light is called the “key” light and should be the largest light source. The sides can be illuminated with either separate lights on each side, or by using white reflectors, also called “bounce cards.”
  • The size of your product will determine which lightbox will be used as they come in a variety of sizes.
  • Unlike a lot of photography equipment, portable light box photography does not require a lot of space. It is a very good all-around tool for many types of small products and jewelry photography.

Types of Light Boxes for Jewelry Photography

There are three types of light boxes for jewelry photography available in the market – low priced, prosumer level, and high-cost or professional grade. If you are a professional and do product photography at that level, it is better to get the professional grade one because it encompasses all possible features you may be looking for. These may cost more, but they will pay for themselves in the long run. If you are confident and have some experience in product photography the prosumer models will suit your needs very well. This level is recommended for the amateurs as well who are learning photography with a light box. It will give you a better idea to make the picture look better. The experts don’t suggest getting the low-priced ones unless you have a strict budget for the light box tool. It will not include many of the important features, and also the quality of light that is required for good product photography will most likely not be available.

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