How to Set Up Lightbox for Product Photography

Lightbox for Product Photography

It is obvious that lighting plays a crucial role in photography – without light, we can’t see a thing! Having the ability to create the proper lighting when capturing a product image can quickly turn any picture into a masterpiece.

Never underestimate the significance of high quality product photography, especially when the business’s products are displayed anywhere online.When advertising a particular product online, potential customers lack the ability to physically see or touch the product. Therefore, they wholly rely on the product photography to highlight important features and detail before making their purchase decisions.

In order to excel at product photography, you must understand how to utilize a portable light box for product photography. Here we will provide a description and the important elements of a good lightbox and the proper way of using it. Follow these steps and quickly become a professional product photographer!

Equipment Needed for Setting up Your Lightbox

In order to achieve the best results you must first set up the lightbox properly. Here is a list of equipment you will need:

  • Camera
  • A tripod to keep your camera steady
  • A proper source of continuous light
  • Reflector to add or direct light
  • Filter or diffuser for the light to pass through
  • Seamless background

Now that you have all the necessary equipment in your lightbox kit, you are all set to take advantage of your photo studio. Follow these methods to create professional looking photographs:

  • Assemble your light box
  • Make sure your lightbox is on a sturdy table
  • Make sure your seamless background is clean and free from marks or dirt
  • Clean the product you are about to photograph, making sure there is no dust or visible marks
  • Keep  the product at the center of the lightbox and several inches away from the seamless background
  • Make sure the light is evenly illuminating your subject from the front and all sides
  • Keep the camera steady on the tripod, and voila!

Whether your product is big or small, a photo lightbox will help enhance your photography. Light box photography for jewelry helps to enhance details, which is why it is widely used by most of the online jewelry vendors. All you need to begin photographing your jewelry or other small products is a portable light box for photography!

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