Factors to consider for choosing the best portable photo studio box?

portable photo studio box

In today’s world, almost anyone can be a photographer. Lightbox photography is one way to obtain high-quality photos that will make your product stand out. Choosing a lightbox that will best fit your needs is key! Here are some of the leading factors to consider when choosing the best portable photo studio lightbox for you:

Product Size

The size of your product will determine how big your tabletop lightbox photo studio needs to be. Overestimate how much space you will need! It is always better to get a lightbox that is too big than one that won’t fit your current product or even future products that may be slightly larger.


Lighting may be one of the most important aspects of photography. Remember, your camera only records light; when choosing a tabletop lightbox photo studio, pay attention to your light source. The best, most consistent high-quality photos are typically achieved when the lighting is controlled. While natural light works, it is contingent on the weather and time of day. In a good quality light box, the lighting is much more consistent and adjustable. One final thing to consider is that “soft” light is generally better than “hard” light which can create harsh shadows and reflections. To achieve soft lighting, your light source needs to be larger than your product, and also placed relatively close to the product. The smaller the light source is relative to the size of the product, the “harder” (or harsher) the light will appear on your product.


More often than not, the background in product photography goes unnoticed. At least, that’s the goal! If there are seams or edges in the background that the lighting enhances, it will distract from the product. For best results, try to find a photo studio lightbox with a seamless background that can be easily cleaned. Finally, find a background that allows you to shoot from multiple angles without needing to adjust the light source.


In terms of functionality, there are many portable photo studio light boxes on the market that can fit all of your needs. To further narrow down which lightbox is right for you, take a look at your budget and your goals. What are you using your photo studio for? If product photography is more of a hobby then you might not need to buy a really expensive lightbox photo studio. On the other hand, investing in a high quality photo studio may turn your products into profit much faster! 

Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take professional looking pictures. All you need are the right tools to get you started!

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