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Introducing the MyStudio MS20J


In the world of retail, good photos are a critical element in advertising your products. In perhaps no segment of the marketplace is this more true than jewelry. The creators of the successful MyStudio® line of tabletop photo studios have combined the popular MS20 Tabletop Photo Studio with the MSJ1 12pc Jewelry Kit which contains a wide variety of props and product photography tools used by the pros, to inspire your creativity and help you take professional looking photos of virtually any type of jewelry.  By combining the unique seamless cyclorama background and continuous 5000K lighting of the MS20 with the plethora of props and tools included in the MSJ1 Jewelry Kit, the MyStudio® MS20J comes with everything you need to produce flawless, professional quality photographs every time.  

Whether you choose the Fluorescent or LED version, the MS20 features a large diffuse light source that bathes your product in soft, even lighting, and the seamless white cyclorama background, bounce cards and overhead reflector ensure that the light is used efficiently and wraps around your product.

Choose from 5000K “daylight” Fluorescent or LED lighting. Both light sources produce reliable, soft, full-spectrum light that wraps around your subject enabling you to create a beautiful final image of your products. The LED lighting option produces twice the amount of light in virtually the same size light bar. Another great feature of the LED light is it is rated for 100V – 270V which means it can be used in countries that don’t have 110V electricity such as Europe or Asia without a voltage converter. For those in Europe (not including the UK), all you will need is a plug adapter that will fit the outlets in your country.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 in
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