Product Photography Lighting Kits

When MyStudio® was launched in 2008, we designed all of our light box photo studios around 5000K “daylight” fluorescent lighting with our Product photography lighting kit, because it provides the most accurate color reproduction in product photos. We also use “large” light sources (relative to product size) because that results in soft, wrap-around lighting that flatters your products and makes them look amazing. Even though LED Photography lighting kit we offer more light per watt than fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are still highly effective and remain the less expensive alternative if you are trying to keep your costs as low as possible.

MyStudio® now features 5000K LED “daylight” light bars and accent lights for all of our table best product photography lighting kit, as well as several LED lighting Kits and Accessories. All of our photography lighting kits are designed by professional photographers to provide you with soft, bright, color-corrected light to give you the best possible results in your product photography. Get our best portable lighting kit for photography and ignite your passion for photography.

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