MyStudio® VS53LED Versa Sweep Photo Studio 53 x 96 inches

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Introducing MyStudio VS53


The Versa Sweep line of MyStudio® products were designed to add size and background color flexibility to the MyStudio® line. The VS53LED is our largest model in this line, and the largest table top photo studio that we make. The VS line is characterized by a straight seamless plastic background sweep, with the VS53LED sweep measuring 53-inches wide by 96-inches long. Due to the straight sweep design, if a background color other than white is desired, one can simply trim a piece of seamless photo background paper and clip it over the white background. What is more, the standard width of seamless photo background paper is 53 inches, so one simply has to trim the length off any roll to approximately 96 inches and it will fit perfectly. The width of the VS53 was designed for just this purpose and this allows for an infinite number of background color possibilities that are simple to switch.

Because the seamless background is made of a single piece of durable, lightweight polystyrene, there is no more worrying about seams or wrinkles that are so problematic with standard cloth and nylon light tents. It can also be easily cleaned if it gets dirty or scuffed, and it will never rip or tear like paper, nylon or cloth.

The MyStudio® VS53LED utilizes two 48-inch ultra bright 5000K LED light bars which create a stunning amount (8000 lumens) of soft, diffuse light that is perfect for product photography. Additionally, the VS53LED comes with a pair of AL1 LED accent lights that can be independently positioned to reflect light onto your products from different angles. Because the design is so open, top down shooting is a breeze.

As the VS53LED is quite large, we suggest using a table or space on the floor that is approximately 5 feet wide and 6 – 7 feet long to provide adequate room for the VS53LED and accent lights.

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Dimensions 62 × 11 × 11 in

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  • Comfort Revolution
  • Electrical Products & Control
  • Grand Blanc Community Schools
  • Ground Zero Precision
  • Hayward Unified School District
  • Honeybee Robotics
  • L-K Industries
  • NIHF
  • Ofra Cosmetics
  • Peter Baker Studios
  • Plasticase
  • Protomet Corp
  • PUMA
  • Royal Canin Pet Food
  • Sneaker Politics
  • Twilio

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